9 Rainy Day Indoor Activities for the Family

We are fortunate that San Diego doesn’t get as many rainy days as a lot of other cities, but it’s still easy to get cabin fever when stuck inside on the occasional bad-weather day. Kids in particular may need some fresh ideas to stay entertained, and keep the house peaceful!

Here are 9 ideas for indoor activities for the whole family to do on a rainy day:

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Give the kids a list of things they can find around the house and have them return to you with their items in a set time frame. Have them find actual items or give them looser tasks like “something blue”. You can make it difficult or simple depending on their age and how enthusiastic they are to play!
  2. Indoor Camping: Get out the blankets and build a living room fort. Once the fort is assembled, fill it with pillows, and curl up to read, color, or play games.
  3. Bake Together: Rainy days were made for homemade treats! Gather the kids into the kitchen and bake cookies, brownies, or whatever sounds tasty. Sneak in some math lessons by explaining how to measure the ingredients.
  4. Put on a Variety Show: Open up the costume box and have everyone dress for their performance. Take turns singing, dancing, telling jokes, or putting on a play—let everyone’s imagination run wild and enjoy the show!
  5. Measure the Rain: Put a bowl or bucket outside and collect rain. Have everyone make a guess on how much rain will fall, and when it stops, use a ruler or measuring stick to see who came the closest.
  6. Play Library: Head to the bookshelf and recommend your favorite books to each other, or play a game where one person gives a summary of a book, and everyone has to guess which book is being described. Then, take turns reading to each other during your library’s story time.
  7. Throw a Dance Party: Dim the lights and throw on a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs, and turn your living room into the coolest club in town!
  8. Cards & Board Games: Bust out the cards for a game of Go Fish, War, or Rummy, or grab your favorite board game. Winner gets to pick the next activity!
  9. Movie & Popcorn: After a busy day of indoor activities, wind down with a showing of a favorite movie, and share a big bowl of popcorn. Mix it up with one of these healthy popcorn toppings!


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