8 Things to Do in Fall

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when fall comes to San Diego — seems like one minute you’re at the beach, and before you know it, it’s New Years Eve already! Take a minute to appreciate the wonderful things fall brings, like sweater weather, pumpkin spice-everything, and the start of holidays. Here are 8 things to do in fall: 

Plan a Fall Outing

Apple-picking, pumpkin patches, road trips to see the changing leaves — just because we live in San Diego doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the wonderful things fall has to offer. Here are four ways to experience fall in San Diego. 

Prepare for Colder Weather

While we are lucky that San Diego has somewhat moderate temperatures compared to other places, it does get chilly at night, with temperatures dropping to an average of 48 degrees in December. If you live in an older home in San Diego and don’t have central heat, then you need to plan ahead for the winter months. You may want to make sure that you have the following:

  • A space heater – more than one if you have multiple bedrooms
  • Extra blankets
  • Cozy clothes like sweatshirts, warm socks, or thermal underwear
  • Waterproof boots for the occasional rainy day
  • Hats, scarves, and gloves for going out on an exceptionally cold evening

Meal Plan Healthy Comfort Foods

There is something about cooler temperatures that make us want to feel cozy, and for some, that often involves indulging in richer foods. Plan ahead to make healthy versions of your favorite cold-weather foods. For instance, instead of making a creamy soup, find recipes for veggie soups that are packed with fiber and nutrients. Chili is another cold-weather staple that can be very healthy — check out this list for healthy chili ideas

Fall Cleaning

Spring Cleaning may be a more familiar expression, but cleaning and organizing your house for fall is a great idea too. After all, you’re likely to spend more time at home when it’s cold or raining outside, so why not take the time to make it as comfortable as possible! Clean your gutters and chimney if you have them, move outdoor cushions to storage to keep them safe from  unexpected rainfalls, put fans away, clean the windows, and fix anything that will make your home more appealing and comfortable while you are spending more time inside it.  

Mix Up Your Fitness Routine

If you do a lot of exercise outside, it might be time to find other things to do indoors. San Diego weather will still allow you to walk or run outside most of fall and winter, but there will be days that are just too cold and wet to go outside. Plan ahead for ways to stay active inside your house — we’ve got some suggestions on how to have a great home workout here

Get Enough Vitamin D 

Daylight is the main source of vitamin D, which is essential for absorbing calcium. With less opportunity to soak in the sun, you need to make sure you get enough vitamin D by either taking a supplement or eating vitamin D-rich foods like salmon, egg yolks, mushrooms, or fortified foods.

Prepare for Cold & Flu Season

Fall and winter are associated with increased colds and the possibility of catching the flu. Plan ahead by getting your flu shot, and purchasing anything you may need if you or a family member catches a cold. This list may include things like:

  • Tissues
  • Pain and fever relievers
  • Congestion or sinus reliever
  • Cough suppressants or expectorants 
  • Throat lozenges
  • Thermometers 
  • Heating pad for muscle aches

Hopefully no one in your family will need these items, but it’s better to be prepared than have to head to the drugstore when you aren’t feeling well. 

Get Your Annual Check-up

For many people, your insurance plans may change at the start of a new year. Be sure to take care of any appointments you need to make while on your current plan. Need a new doctor? Use our doctor finder to find one who is right for you!

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