7 Best Spots in San Diego for Sunset Yoga

In San Diego, whether you’re inland or coastal, the opportunity to catch a beautiful sunset happens almost daily, year-round.

This makes San Diego the perfect place to “zen-out” with a blissful sunset yoga routine. Grab your mat and a bottle of water, and head to one of San Diego’s top spots for the perfect serene way to unwind!

Law Street Beach

The beach at Law Street, located at Law Street and Ocean Boulevard, is a peaceful section of Pacific Beach. Due to its location north of the PB pier, it is quieter and less crowded than the main PB beach. There are also restrooms at street level and decent parking available. It’s a perfect place to practice your downward dog with your toes in the sand!

Presidio Park

Since it’s located high on a hill in Old Town, Presidio Park offers sweeping views of San Diego and the Pacific Ocean — amazing sunsets guaranteed! The beautifully-kept grounds include restrooms, plenty of parking and 40 acres of open space. Unfurl your mat at Inspiration Point or Palm Canyon and find a sweet spot to chill.

Scripps Biodiversity Trail at UCSD

Tucked away in a residential neighborhood next to UCSD is the Scripps Biodiversity Trail, part of The Scripps Reserve. At 150 feet above the beach, this short half-mile loop winds along the La Jolla coast, giving visitors truly incredible panoramic views of the Pacific. There is a small area off the apex of the trail where you can lay out your mat and have a sublime sunset yoga session.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

The name says it all. Sunset Cliffs is San Diego’s top spot for sunset activities of all kinds, but especially yoga. Flow through a relaxing Vinyasa routine or sit in quiet meditation at one of the best natural yoga studios on the planet — and for free! Try out the spot at the intersection of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Adair Street, right near the beginning of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

Golden Hill Park

Golden Hill park is a centrally-located, uncrowded and relaxing space to do your own thing. You’ll see people reading, having a picnic, or exercising. What makes this park a great sunset yoga spot is its high elevation above Florida Canyon with a sprawling view of downtown San Diego, the bay, and Coronado on its west side. There’s plenty of open grass to spread out your mat and wind down after a long day!

Embarcadero Marina Park South

San Diego’s embarcadero is a gorgeous stretch of downtown waterfront public park. It has a fishing pier, bike paths, clean restrooms, and tons of grassy open space. The park faces southwest, providing you with a stunning sunset view of the San Diego Bay. Bonus points for the Coronado Bridge and dozens of sailboats dotting the scenery!

Coronado Beach

Hands down, Coronado is one of San Diego’s most enchanting beaches. It’s a family-friendly favorite, a worldwide travel destination — and an ideal spot for sunset yoga. Coronado’s beach is very wide, with long stretches of white sand and gently rolling dunes. This not only sets the tone for zen, but also gives you plenty of space to yourself, especially during the off-season. And did we mention the views are totally unbeatable?

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