6 Ways to Enjoy Your Kids’ Holiday Break

With winter break coming up, your kids are probably looking forward to time off from school, but you might be thinking about how to keep them from going stir crazy for a whole week. Kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves when left to their own devices, but you and your kids will both enjoy it more if you spend some quality time together and make some memories. You might even start a tradition! Here are a few ideas to do just that.

Check out these six ways to make the most of your kids’ holiday break:


1. Bake holiday cookies

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of cookies straight out of the oven. Whether you prefer chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, or sugar cookies cut into shapes, you and your child can enjoy baking (and eating!) them together. Just don’t eat them all at once!


2. Get creative

Break out the watercolors, magic markers, and glitter, and encourage the kids to get crafty. They could make holiday cards, paint small matted canvases to give as gifts, or even create ornaments to hang on the tree. The kids will be occupied for hours, perfect for their holiday break. And if you’ll be wrapping presents, try enlisting their help. Your loved ones won’t mind if the wrapping looks a little funny.


3. Makes chores fun

All the usual household chores don’t get put on hold just because it’s time for the kids’ holiday break—but that also doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing them. Setting the table, clearing away dishes, and putting away toys and clothes can become a playful routine for everyone if you set the tone.

Make sure everyone—including parents—gets a task, then put on your favorite holiday music while you do your chores. It’ll give the kids a routine and keep them from lounging the vacation time away.


4. Read some books

Almost nothing is better than cuddling up under a blanket with a good book. Your child will likely agree if you set the tone. Pick up a few books from the library, treat your kid to a new book of their choosing, or take out your seasonal favorites, like The Snowy Day or The Polar Express. You can read to your younger children or help your learning-to-read child read aloud. This is a great activity for just before bedtime that brings everyone close together.


5. Have a movie night

Put on your PJs, pop some popcorn, and watch classic movies all evening long. Let kids and adults pick their favorite family or holiday movies and watch them back to back! It’s okay to stay up late during your kids’ holiday break—though there’s a good chance someone will fall asleep before the end of the movie.


6. Enjoy a staycation in San Diego

Who says you have to go away to take a vacation? Have a getaway right here in San Diego. Treat your kids and yourself to a night or two in your favorite hotel, where you don’t have to worry about cleaning. Or make it a day of exploration and visit all the museums and other local attractions you’ve been meaning to check out. You could hike around Torrey Pines, see the animals at the San Diego Zoo, or check out the San Diego Museum of Art, to name a few. Be a tourist in your neighborhood and show your kids what’s special about where they live.


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