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5 Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that operates on the premise that the universe is driven by energetic forces that can create harmony between people and their surroundings. The words translate to English as “wind” and “water”, and the idea is to find a balance between our living spaces and the natural world.

At its essence, the practice is about positioning items in a very specific way to bring positive energy flow to your home or workspace. The practice is believed to help increase health, happiness, and peacefulness — things we could all use!

Get started with these 5 feng shui tips:

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

Not only does clutter look unappealing, but studies have shown that cluttered spaces provoke negative reactions in people and can cause stress and anxiety. Think about how you felt the last time your kids made a mess with their toys, or you went to bed without doing the dishes and had to wake up to a messy kitchen, and you’ll understand the concept!

When it comes to feng shui, the thought is that excessive clutter weighs people down emotionally, so purge any items that are not being used. Then, organize what’s left to keep things tidy. Ideas include:

  • A shoe rack near the door
  • A pretty tray to hold keys, phone, and wallet
  • Decorative baskets for throw blankets and magazines

Embrace the Elements

Represent the five elements — earth, fire, water, metal, and wood — either literally such as with plants (earth), candles (fire), fish tank (water), accessories (metal), and furniture (wood), or symbolically through the use of color, such as red for fire, blue for water, and so on. The idea is to balance all the elements so as not to have too much of one that could influence your emotions. For example, earth represents being grounded, which may be helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed, while fire can help provide a boost of energy and motivation.

Intentional Accessories

This goes along with decreasing clutter and embracing the elements — be mindful of what accessories you place in your home in order to encourage positive energy and feelings. Play with color and textures that represent the elements and create a peaceful look in your space. Adding plants as an accessory also helps bring in living, yet grounded, energy. It’s important to get rid of things that bring up negative emotions, and intentionally pick items that matter to you, so that they create happy, uplifting feelings.

Natural Light

Natural light helps stimulate bodies and minds and can provide a burst of positive energy. Keep the drapes and blinds open as much as possible — and open the windows to clear out stagnant air. If you don’t get a lot of natural light, use energy-efficient lightbulbs and be sure to place them so they illuminate any dark corners. Since light is associated with the fire element, you’ll be able to check that element off your list while also improving the look and feel of your room!


Mirrors play an important role in feng shui, as they can call attention to things both positive and negative. Thoughtful placements of mirrors can help bring in and disperse more natural light, and also reflect something beautiful, like flowers or favorite piece of art. Just as importantly, it could also reflect clutter or a reminder of a chore that needs to be done, which will negatively affect your mood. One important rule for mirrors is to never have one in front of your bed — the bouncing of energy from the mirror around the bed may cause restless sleep.

Whether you embrace the concept of feng shui or just want to give your space a little pick-me-up, any of these five tips can help create a space conducive to relaxing and feeling good!

For more tips on keeping a clean and tidy home, check out this article for suggestions!

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