5 Sugar-Free Popsicle Recipes To Make With Kids

Making popsicles at home is a fun project to do with the kids, and is also a great way to control what ingredients go into their snacks with the added advantage of sneaking more fruit and fiber into their day. 

First, you’ll need to buy some popsicle molds. There are several different styles available online, and you can also find them at most stores that carry home and kitchen items. The main thing to consider when shopping for molds is your freezer space and selecting ones that will fit properly and not be inconvenient to take in and out. 

Once you have your molds, you’ll need to shop for sugar-free beverages to use as the base. There are many great sugar-free or low-sugar drink options available, and mixing and matching them with various fruits and flavors is where you can get really creative! 

Have your kids help decide what flavor combinations to make — not only will this get them interested in the process, but you can make a game out of taste-testing. Keep a Popsicle journal where you write down each “experiment” and everyone’s scores for taste, texture, and smell. This can be a fun activity you continue through the hot summer and fall months, and recreating family favorites to enjoy together will create nice memories.

Here are some ideas of what to use for the base, and flavor suggestions to pair with them:

Fruit Juice

Pick up your favorite low- or sugar-free juice, pour into molds, and freeze! It’s really that easy. If you have a powerful blender and fresh fruit on hand, you can also puree everyone’s favorite fruit combinations and turn the juice into delicious pops. 

Fruit or Herbal Tea 

There are many delicious fruit or herbal flavored teas available, and they make a tasty popsicle on their own or can be combined with real fruit to kick it up a notch. Peach, passion fruit, and blood orange are just a few that taste great when frozen and pair well with fresh fruit. 

Flavored Soda Water

The popularity of flavored soda water has increased greatly in the last few years, which means it’s very easy to find a variety of flavors at varying price points at any grocery store. Grab a berry flavor and add to a popsicle mold with frozen blueberries, or mix a lemon-lime with mango and banana for a tropical flavor pop. 


Pick up a low-sugar yogurt (can be milk-based or dairy-free) and combine with any type of fruit, or add some peanut butter, cinnamon, or chocolate chips for a creamy pop that tastes decadent but without the high-sugar content. 

Lemonade or Kool-Aid

Make a pitcher of your favorite lemonade or flavored powder-and-water beverage to use as the base for fruit popsicles. Pour the beverage into the mold, add some muddled fruit, and freeze. 

Have fun trying new flavors and combining fruit in interesting ways — whatever combinations you choose for your ice pop recipes, you can’t really go wrong!


For more ideas on healthy projects to do with the family, check out our parenting articles.

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