10% of our Physicians Named San Diego’s Best!

Congratulations to all of the Scripps Mercy Physician Partners members that were named as “2015 – Top Doctors” in the annual San Diego Magazine “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” survey!


Anatomic & Clinical Pathology

Seong H. Ra, MD

Carla Stayboldt, MD



Paul Euin Kim, MD

Lars R. Newsome, MD


Cardiovascular Disease

Martin L. Charlat, MD

Bruce J. Kimura, MD

Matthew A. Lucks, MD

Paul S. Phillips, MD



Bari B. Cunningham, MD

Vishakha V. Gigler, MD

Judith A. Koperski, MD

Alice Y. Liu, MD

Sherry L. Rotunda, MD

Robert S. Scheinberg, MD



Daniel Einhorn, MD


Family Medicine

Jeffrey P. Anthony, DO

Michelle L. Look, MD

Marianne A. McKennett, MD

Lee P. Ralph, MD

Rebeccah R. Rodriguez, DO

Stephen J. Rohrer, DO



Robert H. Goldklang, MD

A. Masood Mansour, MD

Ananthram P. Reddy, MD


General Surgery

Sunil Bhoyrul, MD

Adam S. Fierer, MD

Paul Hyde, MD

Mark J. Sherman, MD

Michael J. Sise, MD

George G. Zorn, MD


Internal Medicine

Timothy J. Corbin, MD

Adam P. Ellis, MD

John W. Fox, MD

Karen A. Jamison, MD

Brian J. Lenzkes, MD

Raymond G. Pigeon, MD

Paul F. Speckart, MD

Stefan A. Willging, MD

Howard V. Williams, MD


Nuclear Medicine

Michael S. Kipper, MD


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Wendy M. Buchi, MD

Kim T. Bui, MD

Valerie V. Gafori, MD

Laurie R. Greenberg, MD

Keerti Gurushanthaiah, MD



John E. Bokosky, MD

Mark D. Smith, MD


Orthopaedic Surgery

Richard A. Brown, MD

David J. Dalstrom, MD

Ben DuBois, MD

Scott A. Hacker, MD

David R. Hackley, MD

Paul Dohyung Kim, MD

Anthony G. Sanzone, MD

F. Craig Swenson, MD



Perry T. Mansfield, MD

Theodore M. Mazer, MD

Brian H. Weeks, MD



David J. Bylund, MD



Shakha V. Gillin, MD

Robert L. Warner, MD


Pulmonary Disease

Julian P. Lichter, MD



Scott A. Eisman, MD


Radiation Oncology

Tahir Ijaz, MD


Reproductive Endocrinology

Arlene J. Morales, MD



Katherine H.Y. Nguyen, MD


Sports Medicine

Scott R. Evans, MD



Robert M. Barone, MD



Stephen S. Bridge, MD

Edward S. Cohen, MD

Paul E. Dato, MD

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